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Welcome to Simple Valley Creations!

   A labor of love....

   It gives me great pleasure to introduce my website!

   Here you can

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  • How Simple Valley Creations came to be (an interesting story)
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   As the banner says, I create "All-Natural, Handmade Personal Care Products Made From High-Quality Raw Ingredients". What does that mean, exactly? It means I create all of my products from original recipes with no artificial preservatives, no fillers, and no dyes. Also all Simple Valley Creations products are parabin free, gluten free, and silicone free.

   I am also now proudly affiliated with "Something Special from Wisconsin". There are a number of great local (to me) businesses in this group and I am glad to be one of them! You can access their website by clicking here.

Detailed Fragrance List

Shipping Charges - For US only
Under $14.00 - $5.95
$14.00 to $49.99 - $11.50
$50.00 to $89.99 - $16.20
Over $89.99 - FREE!!

Bath and Shower Products
Shampoo Bottle Image Better Than Basic Shampoo
16 oz. Bottle - $11.50
Enter Fragrance
This shampoo is great for most people. It has great cleansers and natural moisturizers.
Shampoo Bottle image Mega Moisturizing Shampoo
16 oz. Bottle - $11.50
This ultra rich formula is meant for dry hair. Most people use this shampoo without conditioner.
Shower Soap image Shower Soap
16 oz. Bottle - $10.00
Enter Fragrance
Not only with this item get you clean, it will keep you soft. This high quality soap is well matched with high quality oils.
Menthol shower disk image Menthol Shower Disks
4-pack - $5.50
These are a great natural remedy for removing that unwanted sinus and chest congestion without taking medications! What a wonderful, natural alternative for infants and children! Use 1 disk per shower until you are feeling better.
Bath/Massage oil image Massage/Bath Oil bottle
6 oz.-$9.00 or 16 oz.-$17.00
Enter Fragrance
This great creation works well for 2 uses, in the bath for moisture and relaxation or for massage to decease tension. It makes a great wedding or bridal shower gift.
Cleansers, Healers, Rubs, and Scrubs
Hand soap image Liquid Hand Soap w/ Hand Pump
16 oz. Bottle - $7.50
Enter Fragrance
Can be used with foaming pumps as well. 30% soap to 70% water, shake well.
Gardener's grit scrub image Gardener's Grit Sugar Scrub
8 oz. Jar - $6.50
Enter Fragrance
Gritty enough to get you clean but soothing with oatmeal and moisturizing oils. Good for hands and feet. Men, Women or Custom scents.
Lip Scrub image Lip Scrub
2 oz-$5.00
No matter the time of year, we always get dry, scaly skin on our lips. This is just the creation to get rid of that! It gently scrubs it off while moisturizing your lips. This creation is made with local honey.
Face cleaner and toner image Face Cleaner and Toner Bottle
6oz-$8.00 or 16oz-$14.50
This non-foaming facial cleanser is great for keeping you face fresh. The Vitamin E will tone your pores and increase cell health.
Hair Healer image Hair Healer
2 oz. Jar - $6.50
This is a lotion for your hair! Apply a small amount onto your hair before you shampoo to add moisture and prevent split ends.
Raw Honey Salve image Raw Honey Salve
2 oz. Jar - $7.00
Raw honey has been used for thousands of years as a healing salve so why change a good thing? I added a few more wonderful ingredients to this local raw honey and there you go.
Immune Support Rub image Immune Support Rub
2 oz. Jar - $7.00
Use this great product daily to help boost your immune system. Everyone's immune system could use extra help, just apply a small amount to the bottom of one foot once daily.
Menthol Vapor Rub image Menthol Vapor Rub
2 oz. Jar - $7.00
An all-natural menthol rub that will work hard to open your air ways. This effective blend of essential oils will not disappoint you.
Immune Support Rub image Scent Rollers
One roller - $10.00
Aromatherapy on the go! The varieties of these handy products are designed with a specific blend of ingredients designed to relax, uplift, or help ease minor pains.
Lotion Bars, Butters, and Balms
Body Butter image Body Butter
8 oz. Jar - $16.00
Enter Fragrance
This whipped lotion, starts as a solid and your body heat melts it into a moisture-rich cream. A small amount goes a long way.
Lotion Bar image Body Lotion Bar
5 oz. Bar - $10.00
Enter Fragrance
This item makes your hands (or feet) feel awesome! I use LOCAL beeswax, as well lots of Vitamin E oil! This creation is really great for chapped skin and it won't burn because there are no by-products or additives.
Lip Balm image Lip Balm 2 oz. Tube
1/$2.25 or 3/$6.25
This is a great all natural lip balm! I use local beeswax (local is ALWAYS better). And because they contain Vitamin E, they work awesome for cold sore suffers.
Lip Balm image Lip Balm w/Zinc Oxide 2 oz. Tube
1/$3.00 or 3/$8.50
Same as out lip balm, but with the added effect of sun protection!
Bath salt image Body Spray
6 oz. Bottle - $6.50
Enter Fragrance
Everyone loves to smell good! I combine both fragrance and essential oils to make some great smelling body sprays. I have scents available for men, women and girls.
Insect Repellant Bottle image Insect Repellent
6 oz. Bottle - $9.00
Finally, an Insect Repellent that is safe for your family without the harsh chemicals of the commercial products. Use for people and pets.
Bath salt image 100% Local Beeswax Candle
8 oz. - $13.00
A 100% beeswax candle that burns clean and smells great! Each candle lasts for about 30 hours of burn time.
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While having the website is great(Kudos to my brother-in-law Chris for the design!), I still prefer to be out there meeting everyone in person. You will see me at many of the local festivals. To see where I will be next, be sure to go to the "Contacts & Locations" tab and go to my Facebook page. I enjoy meeting people and talking about my products. Be sure to look for my display, drop by, and say hi!

Holland Fest display.

   You might ask yourself "How did I get started doing this?"
Well, here is the story.....

   As a wife and mother, I am always looking for the best ways to take care of my family. We raise our own vegetables, we have a hobby farm, we raise our children with traditional values. Both my daughter and I have highly sensitive skin. For years, I spent an outstanding amount of money trying to purchase products that would not cause harm. I was overwhelmed. We feed our children high quality, home raised food, so why do we add so many chemicals to the surface of our body? In 2011, I began making many of the items we use every day-laundry soap, fabric softener, home cleaning products, hand scrubs, etc. Everyone in our home began to notice an improvement in our clothes, our skin, our home.

   In September 2012, my husband and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary with a vow renewal, pig roast and barn dance. To thank our guests, I made hundreds of the items we use in our home every day - hand scrub, body butter, bath soaks. My friend and flower shop owner, Jessica of Arbuckle Floral and Decorating, located in Cascade, Wisconsin, asked me to make more of these items to sell in her shop. With that, Simple Valley Creations was born. When I tell people that my small business started out of love, it is no lie.

   What started with one store has grown to 8 and we are growing all the time. In addition to my shops, I participate in 15-20 fairs and festivals a year. I invite you to join me on this journey. I truly thank you for your continued support and for visiting my site!

   All the best to you and yours,

Yep. This is really me!

Places you can get a hold of me

Places you can find my products

Check back often as this list is sure to grow!

Here is what you are saying about my products

From Kat Wynveen

Just wanted you to know that I love your Gardener's Grit Scrub. I paint furniture and use it to keep my hands clean and soft because they are always in water. I got the Orange & Mango at My Best Friend's Closet in Oostburg and use it here all the time here at The House at the End of the Road.

From Stacy Siebenaler-Edwards

Not a single one of your products disappoint. However, the body butter is MUST HAVE. My legs have never been this soft before!! :-)

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Thank you!